Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Wooden Puzzle 1950's

This little six piece wooden puzzle was made by my mother's father in the first half of the 1950's. He made it on their return from a holiday in Dunoon. There was a puzzle the same in the hotel where they were staying and as my grandfather was so taken by it, he decided to make a copy by drawing the individual detail on each piece - each of the six pieces is different and can only fit together in one way to complete the shape in the image above.

There are other trinkets around the house made by my mother's father, perhaps I will photograph others to share with you. Look out for my favourite - a working wooden propellor.

Olympus E-3; ISO 100; f13; 1/250s; 60mm. Off camera flash at 1/4 power and 40cm away.

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