Wednesday, 18 February 2009


This is a view towards the Erskine Bridge from my front window. The bridge is the shallow arc of orange lights with the two single reds above. What I'm struggling to identify is the three vertical columns of red lights in the centre of the image.

If anyone can suggest what they are I'd be very pleased as I can't find anything when I drive in that direction. The image was taken from OS grid reference NS291761 and the approximate bearing to the centre of the bridge is 100 degrees.

Olympus E-3; ISO 100; f10; 8s, 200mm.


  1. mmmmmm Where they there last night? Aliens beaming down from a UFO i fear.

    A nice relaxing view for this time of night - but your probably ued to it!

  2. are they not the poles that stick out of the erskine bridge? if you google map it and go to satellite view, there are shadows from rather tall poles on the bridge...

  3. "are they not the poles that stick out of the erskine bridge?"
    Bloomin' east european labour gets everywhere these days.

  4. Definitely not "The Erskine Bridge Poles". The only have lights at the top and are the two red lights just above the arc of orange lights.

    "The Erskine Bridge Poles" - sounds like a prompt to write a new sit-com! Could be one of those off-the-wall BBC3 shows. Go on Adam, get your pen out!

  5. lol! i appear to have inspired a documentary. I didn't know what to call engineering lingo in non-existant! hehe :-D