Sunday, 22 February 2009

Friday's Post and Sparks are Flying

This image was actually taken on Wednesday and manipulated yesterday (Thursday) but I figured that as I'd got away with using an image from my archives previously this wasn't such a bad transgression after all.

The welder in this shot was at the top of the mast of a Caledonian MacBrayne ferry which was undergoing servicing at Garvel dry dock in Greenock. The height maybe isn't that apparent in this shot but the point where the guy was working was a good bit higher than where most of us would be happy.

I loved the bright burst of light at the welding torch and the cascade of sparks that fell from it. Pity the final image is a bit grainy. Oh, and the big black diagonal bar is the jib of crane........

Olympus E-3; ISO 800; f6.3; 1/20s; 283mm.

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