Thursday, 10 January 2013

A New Friend.....

My newest little friend. Soon this diminutive marvel will be launched skywards in an attempt to catch some random aerial video footage and stills. Contemplating one of three methods to achieve flight: water and air propelled [home made] rocket; radio controlled helicopter (shop bought); custom  [home] built quad copter.

The rocket would be by far the best fun although be virtually uncontrollable. The quad copter is probably the safest and most suitable method. We shall see!

If anyone has any helpful hints or tips please feel free to share them.

Olympus E-3; Zuiko 35mm macro; ISO 100; f5.6; 1/125s; lens mounted LED ring-light.


  1. Looks very interesting, I'd go for the quad copter, sounds like it might take more weight. Wouldn't want your new toy in a crash landing! Can't wait to see the results. Perhaps a test flight round Bar Square at the next SCN! Nice picture from the LED as well.

  2. OOOOH LOOKS FUN thinking of getting one of these for an even later in the year!!!!