Sunday, 3 May 2009


From memory this was taken in Pater Noster Square in London.

Olympus SP500UZ; ISO 80; f4; 1/160s; 9.9mm.


  1. Hey Bruce, not sure if you know, but the last three or four of your posts have nothing in them? Just in case something was going wrong somewhere.

  2. Thanks Les. I could tell a wee white lie here and say I was experiencing techno probs....... but in reality I've just been so busy I haven't been able to shoot and post new shots the last few days, so to keep the dates right I've been posting blanks!

    I'm flattered to see that this means you must keep a close on my blog. Thank you. I hope it keeps you entertained.

    Normal service will resume later today.

  3. This statue is based on a stereotypical Welshman...bahhh